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Get Free Up Your Teddy Bear (1970)

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Up Your Teddy Bear

Storyline of Up Your Teddy Bear Movie

Clyde King, a toy store employee whose hobbies include making wooden toys and stalking women, is coveted by the female owner of one of the biggest toy companies in the world. She is enchanted by King's hand-carved toys, and she delegates the recruitment of the toy-maker to her second-in-command, Lyle "Skippy" Burns. However, King will not join her company as she reminds him of his mother. She becomes the subject of bizarre fantasies in which "Mother," the toy company owner as imagined by King, brow-beats and humiliates him. Discovering King's predeliction for leaving the toy store to stalk women, Skippy first tries to entice Clyde into signing an employemnt contract by supplying him with women, even going as far to dress himself up in drag as a prostitute. But every time he sets King up with a woman, the encounter ends disastrously, so Skippy finally decides to kill him.

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Release : 1970-12-23

Genre :

Runtime : 89

Company :

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