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Storyline of Cinnamon Movie

Maria is a girl who loves to cook and lives with his grandmother, Doña Tere, in Mexico City's downtown. Doña Tere has a traditional Mexican restaurant called "El Molcajete". After the death of her daughter, Doña Tere abandoned his passion for cooking and stopped working in "El Molcajete", now operating under the direction of chef Rosi. Maria does everything possible to bring her grandmother back to the restaurant, while chef Rosi cooks dishes according to new trends in fusion cuisine which highlights the light food, but Maria and Doña Tere won't accept the traditional flavors and cooking secrets to be forgotten. The cuisine battle between Tere and chef Rosi is an epic fight not only between long-stablished mexican food and light food, but also a struggle of family bonds, friendship, cooking secrets, flavour’s passion and more than two hundred ingredients that are needed in order to prepare Mole, a traditional mexican sauce.

A Flavor Battle

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Movie Trailer of Cinnamon

The "Cinnamon" Movie Description

Release : 2013-04-12

Genre : Comedy

Runtime : 101

Company : La Casa de Cine, Halo Studio, Eficine 226

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